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About Idea Forge LLC

Idea Forge LLC was founded in 2011 as a chemistry, chemical, and
engineering consultation and intellectual property development center.
We have over 20 years experience in polymers and surface science technology
to address your technological issues.

Our efforts are currently focused on the development of micro-porous PVC and bring products to market.

Selected Publications:

US201550376388A1 "Durable partially water permeable article and method of making thereof" Grunzinger, S.J.

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Our Business

Our Business

Cross-section of micro-porous PVC after permeating dyed water. 
Sample is 0.125" thick and face-glued to cPVC pipe.

Most every irrigation method floods the surface of the soil and relies on percolation through the soil to reach the roots.
Excessive watering promotes run-off and evaporation.

Subterranean delivery directly to the roots by micro-porous pipe eliminates run-off and greatly reduces evaporation.

Micro-porous PVC face glued to Sch40 PVC pipe

Same sample in all videos

Water permeation at 42 psi pressure

Water permeation at 8 psi pressure

Air permeation at 8 psi pressure

Air permeation at 61 psi pressure

Slow motion air permeation at 61 psi pressure


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